Hello! Welcome to Together in Surgical Menopause, a patient led, fact based resource for those who are either experiencing or would like to learn about surgical menopause.

It was through sharing our struggles with surgical menopause on social media that we met. We quickly realised that we’re both as barmy as one another and have been close friends ever since.

Having both had a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy, it quickly became apparent that information, resources and support for women in surgical menopause is lacking and whilst there is so much menopause information out there, (menopause is definitely the new black!) it is often aimed at women over 50 and doesn’t encompass everything that a woman in surgical menopause may experience.

So frustrated by our own difficulties in receiving timely and up to date support, we decided to create this website in the hope that it will offer useful information and advice, along with reassurance that you’re not alone in this, we’re right behind you.

Kayleigh & Sophie x


In January 2016, I had a hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy, aged 30 due to enduring countless years of heavy and painful periods, mild endometriosis and severe PMS (which we now know to have been undiagnosed PMDD).
Post-surgery, I was left to suffer for just over two years, leaving my job in the process as I struggled to cope. Thankfully I was eventually referred to a menopause clinic where I was finally given the correct type of HRT for me.

At my lowest ebb, I trawled through the internet desperate to arm myself with information regarding surgical menopause and found very little out there. I happened to come across Menopause Support and got in touch with Diane Danzebrink. It was Diane that counselled me through my hardest moments of surgical menopause and some of my past PMDD issues and encouraged me to write.

I joined Instagram (@surgicalmenopause30) and began to share my story, in a real and relatable way. I find writing cathartic and very quickly women began to message me, thanking me for sharing my story. I get lots of messages from women who are feeling at their wits end asking for any advice that might help them. I remember how relieved I was to find Diane and how I related to her experience of surgical menopause, which is why it is so important to me to share what I can to help other women. No one should feel alone in this.
Connecting with other inspirational women on social media has helped me to educate myself further on various aspects of womens health and I have met some incredibly kind people like Sophie, whom I now consider a close friend.

I am married to my wife, Sarah who has been my rock since we got together in the summer of 2015. I also feel very lucky to be step mum to 3 amazing boys, and our family is completed by our two lovely but very stubborn English Bull Terriers, Roxy and Teddy.
Outside of work, you’ll usually find me up a massive Derbyshire hill, usually with my camera trying to get some scenic photos. I love to be outdoors, either hill walking or running. I enjoy sports, particularly playing and watching football, and anything that gets the adrenaline going.
Sarah and I love to explore new places together both in the UK and abroad and we spent our honeymoon at the top of beautiful Mont Blanc in Chamonix.


I was thrown into surgical menopause age 32 due to endometriosis and PMDD. Post surgery, I received no follow up care and was repeatedly offered anti depressants, sedatives and anti-psychotics, instead of the HRT that my body so desperately needed.

The delay in receiving timely help and support left me feeling utterly helpless. Struggling to manage my symptoms at work, I had to reduce my hours (and income) and change my job role for one with less responsibility.

A plea on social media was the beginning of feeling more ‘like me’ again. My tweet was answered by the lovely Diane Danzebrink. With Diane and Dr Hannah Short’s support; we learned that despite taking HRT, my oestrogen levels were very low - my body just wasn’t absorbing HRT. Both Diane and Hannah encouraged my GP to refer me to Chelsea and Westminster menopause clinic, however sadly this was refused several times. After my first appointment, some 8 months after surgery, I recall sobbing outside the clinic, I felt hopeful for the first time in months. Soon after, my intense menopause symptoms eased and became more manageable.

Driven by my frustrations and difficult experience accessing menopause support, I decided to do something about it. Eager to share factual, evidence based information both in the community and the workplace I founded The Menopause Club in Hertfordshire which proved so popular, I’ve since started another in Bedfordshire.
I’m a self confessed technophobe and rarely used social media prior to surgery, so I’m incredibly thankful that I began @menopause_and_me as without it, I would not have met beautiful Kayleigh and we wouldn’t have created ‘Together in Surgical Menopause’. This page is driven by our own struggles to find up to date, accurate surgical menopause specific information, and we hope that it’s both informative and comforting, you’re not alone in this, we are right behind you.

Mum to beautiful teenage twin daughters, I quickly learned that menopause and puberty don’t mix! Our family is completed by my fiancé and rock, Stephen and our chow chow puppy, Boris.
Outside of my job in a large Defence company, you’ll usually find me baking, painting or creating a floral masterpiece! We love to travel and I often take a stack of menopause information leaflets along for the ride.