Serum Oestradiol Equivalent Doses

Together in Surgical Menopause

We often get messages from women who are struggling to find the right dose of oestrogen to relieve their symptoms especially when they have recently changed their type of HRT.
It can be confusing understanding what is the equivalant dose between a tablet and a patch, or a gel and a patch etc. It can also be unclear what is a small dose and what equates to a large dose. We have therefore put together this simple little matrix to help you further understand your oestrogen replacement.

*Although this is classed as a high dose it is not unusual for some women in premature menopause to require a higher dose if they are still symptomatic. If symptoms persist speak to your GP or consultant about adjusting the dose or trying a different route of oestradiol.
Serum Oestradiol Equivalent DosesLow Dose     Medium   DoseIntermediate   DoseHigh Dose*     
Gel (Pump)1 pump2 pumps3 pumps4 pumps
Gel (Sachet)0.5mg1.0mg1.5mg2.0mg
Lenzetto 1.53mg Spray-3 sprays--

In terms of local oestrogen, which many women also benefit from taking to help with symptoms of vaginal dryness, as an example of how small the dose is:
A year of Vagifem - a loading dose plus twice weekly per week - is roughly equivalent to 2 oral HRT tablets a year.

You can find up to date information regarding HRT preparations and equivalent alternatives on the British Menopause Society website.

Please see our info sheet on Hormone Replacement Therapy for more details regarding oestrogen and the benefits in terms of symptomatic relief and long term health benefits.