Hello! Welcome to Together in Surgical Menopause, a patient led, fact based resource for those who are either experiencing or would like to learn about surgical menopause.

So frustrated by our own difficulties in receiving timely and up to date support, we decided to create this website in the hope that it will offer useful information and advice, along with reassurance that you’re not alone in this, we’re right behind you.

Sophie & Kayleigh x

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Preparing for your hysterectomy

We understand that going into hospital can be very daunting. Planning ahead for your hospital stay and recovery can help reduce stress. We've put together some useful checklists of things to consider before your surgery. Including things to pack in your hospital bag and questions to ask your consultant.

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Symptoms of surgical menopause

Menopause is usually a process of gradual change; however, following surgery, medication or serious illness, it can be sudden and acute. Women who enter premature menopause due to surgery (oophorectomy) tend to experience a severe and wide range of symptoms.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Surgical menopause is a permanent state and is an acute deficiency of the hormones normally produced by the ovaries. Without replacing these hormones, most women are likely to develop severe symptoms of oestrogen deficiency and can also develop female androgen deficiency.

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Catch Up & A Cuppa With. . .
Dr Mandy Leonhardt

Join us as we ask Dr Mandy Leonhardt all about PMDD and Surgical Menopause. Mandy is a GP with a specialist interest in women’s hormonal health.

"PMDD can be so debilitating, that women may feel suicidal, that they are unable to go to work and cannot function at all. PMDD affects around 3-8% of women. It is a serious mental health condition and has been included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DMS)."

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Diane Danzebrink

Join us as we chat with the wisest of owls, Diane. Founder of Menopause Support and the #MakeMenopauseMatter Campaign.

"Surgical menopause is so much more than the surgery and therapeutic support can be so important. I think every woman should have the opportunity to speak to somebody prior to surgery to allow her to prepare by being able to ask all her questions and talk through any concerns."

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Dr Hannah Short

Join us as we chat with the lovely Dr Hannah Short. Hannah is a GP and accredited specialist in menopause and premenstrual disorders.

"All women who are in surgical menopause should have the option of being referred to a doctor with specialist knowledge in this area. A holistic and individualised approach is required for all women in surgical menopause, whether or not HRT is used. Dietary and lifestyle measures are of great importance."

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Same Sex Relationships & Menopause

In this blog Kayleigh talks openly about how she navigates surgical menopause with the help of her wife, Sarah. Things became a little more challenging when Sarah started to suffer with her own peri-menopausal symptoms.

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Guest Blog: Life After Cancer

Thank you to Eloise for writing this guest-blog about her own experience of early menopause. An open and honest account about recovery, recuperation, and adjustment of life after cancer which is something she's struggled to adjust to.

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Understanding Menopause for Teenagers

We both live in a home with teenagers, it's something we talk about quite a bit amongst themselves.
As a result Sophie has put together this helpful blog with the help of her twin teenage girls.

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Kayleigh recalls her earlier days of surgical menopause and how shocked she was at how prominent and difficult the symptom of irritability was. Although she's a little better at managing it now, it has really affected her mental wellbeing at times.

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Hormone Sensitivity and Hormone Implants

Written in June 2020, the end of the first UK COVID lockdown, Kayleigh gives a patient insight into the use of hormone implants to manage surgical menopause with particular emphasis on women with acute sensitivity to hormonal fluctuations.

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Guest Blog: Medical Menopause & Breast Cancer

Thank you to Nichola for writing this heartfelt blog about her own experience. Nichola and Kayleigh met in May 2019 when both were interviewed by actress Zoe Henry for BBC Breakfasts' menopause awareness week.

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